Cleaning Services from Total Oven Clean

How TOC clean your oven and appliances

Total Oven Clean prides itself on giving our customers the very best service possible, based in Manchester and servicing a wide geographical area around Manchester, the M60 ring road and surrounding areas, we will bring your oven and other kitchen appliances back to their prime.

TOC prides itself on not only giving you the best clean possible but leaving your home as clean as we found it, we use high absorption wipes to capture any liquids or debris, protective floor mats to stop any contamination to your kitchen floor and remove all traces of our visit when we leave.


We use only eco-friendly, non-caustic oven cleaning products which are extremely effective at breaking down burnt on carbon deposits, grease and grime. We are confident that with our technician’s skills and these products we can tackle any oven or appliance and bring it back to its sparkling prime.


Our Total Oven Clean vehicles are fitted with the latest bespoke heated dip tanks, filled with water and bio degreasing agents. Once heated to 80°- 90° they make short work of racks, side holders, fans and back covers.

Once all the parts have been thoroughly cleaned, your oven is rebuilt, our technician will then give it a final clean and polish to remove any fingerprints and give you back your “like new" oven and leave you with a beaming smile.



Total Oven Clean for the landlord

At Total Oven Clean we understand that as a landlord presenting your property in its best light to a prospective tenant is paramount, we can help you achieve this by ensuring all the kitchen appliances are in excellent condition, sparkling glass and chrome work creates a lasting impression.

Total Oven Clean for the tenant

As a tenant coming to the end of your rental agreement, you need to remember that your landlord will expect the property back in the same condition it was originally handed over, if the kitchen appliances do not meet that standard you may forfeit some or all of your deposit/bond.

We can help, we will bring the selected appliances back to their original condition, with an invoice showing that they have been professionally cleaned.